Natural Methods on How to Enlarge Breasts Without Surgery

how to enlarge breasts without surgerySome people think that surgery is the only choice in increasing the size of breasts. However, this method is among the most expensive and painful means of breast enlargement. Apart from being risky and painful, it may also give rise to some other distasteful side effects like loss of sensation in nipples and infections. The breasts may also harden.

The following natural methods are the answers to the question on how to enlarge breasts without surgery:

• Herbs: There are some herbs that have been used by women for several years to enlarge their breasts. Apart from this, such herbs also increase firmness. Majority of women find that their breasts start sagging after breast feeding or due to age. Those herbs can be valuable and ensure the breasts are uplifted in such circumstances.

Although there are several herbs like damiana, fenugreek, wild yam and saw palmetto among others, the most recommended herb to use in breast enhancement is Pureria Mirifica. It has been utilized by many women in Myanmar and Thailand in growing their breasts naturally for several years. The Western World has also come to embrace it.

• The Power of Mind: It is a known fact that the mind controls all human body. Thus, the mind power also fits as a method on how to enlarge breasts without surgery of pills. When a woman requires making her breasts grow bigger, she should engage her mind. Human metabolism and motions are controlled my mind. A woman should take meditation and deep relaxation and visualize that her breasts are growing. After engaging in this mind game for 15 weeks, the woman should alter the sizes of her bras to bigger ones. This is a powerful and effective tool to allow hormonal shift and quickening up of the growth of breasts.

The woman should first of all locate a serene environment where she can sit in a relaxed position, and then close her eyes. She should visualize a warm towel that covers her breasts and that the breasts are growing inside that towel. After a period of 21 days doing this simple exercise, she will be able to eventually see the results.

• Food precautions: When a woman requires enlarging her breasts, she should also take food precautions. This is also among effective natural breast enlarging methods that many women have used with success. The woman should completely stay away from fast food since it gives rise to

How to Enlarge Breast Without Surgery

hormonal back down. This makes the muscles of the breasts to grow improperly. The example is simple food such as vitamins. They amplify metabolism while at the same time causing hormonal shift to enable breasts to enlarge.

• Exercises: Simple exercises are also method one can use to make the breasts grow. A woman should rub both her hands constantly in order to generate heat. The hands should then be rubbed around nipples, from the upper part to sideways, and from lower nipple part to the upper one and then complete the entire circle. It takes approximately one second to complete a circle.

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