How to Improve Breast Size Naturally

How to Improve Breast Size Naturally“How do I improve my breast size through natural means?” This is one critical question asked by many women regarding their breast size. In the modern world, the most recognized way to improve size, shape and contour of breasts is through breast enhancement surgeries which are done by way of injection or insertion of implants or steroids. Although this procedure can be helpful and effective, breast enhancement surgery may come with side effects and complications. These risks can be very dangerous and life-threatening, making surgery a secondary choice for improving breast size and shape.

There are many ways on how to improve breast size naturally. These methods are very safe and can be done by any woman wanting to have bigger breasts with ease and comfort.

The main factor affecting breast size and shape has something to do with hereditary factors. Although this factor cannot be modified, the secondary factors which also carry great effects in the breasts’ size, contour and shape can be managed. These secondary factors include hormonal imbalances, especially estrogen, unhealthy diet, intake of alcohol and cigarette, and many others.

There are certain guides on how to improve breast size naturally and they are the following:

  • Perform breast massages

The use of breast massages to increase breast size has been used in the ancient times by the Taoists. It is done around 20-30 minutes a day with 100-300 circular rubs in each breast. Breast massages should be peformed once in the morning upon waking up and once in the evening before going to bed. It is usually done with cream or oil to provide a relaxing effect and avoid friction.

The principle behind this method is to stimulate the nerve endings in the breasts, making them somehow dilated. As they dilate, blood pools into the breast, leading to enlargement. The production of prolactin, a hormone essential for breast enlargement, is also elevated with the use of breast massages.

  • Modify your diet

Diet and lifestyle are main determinants of a person’s health. Several foods taken by women especially those high in fats and sugar deplete estrogen in their bodies, making their breasts appear smaller. Estrogen is the hormone of a woman responsible for the development of her secondary sex characteristics which include breast enlargements. By having a diet which prevents estrogen depletion and enhances estrogen production, there can be a significant effect on the woman’s breast size. Foods considered as pro-estrogen include kidney beans, soy and peas. You are also advised to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

  • Perform exercises regularly

Exercises do a lot of things in improving a person’s health and some of these exercises also how to improve breast size naturally at homehelp in making the breasts bigger. These exercises are known to make the breast firmer and larger by enhancing the pectoralis muscle, the muscle under the breasts. These exercises include pushups and bench presses.

Doing these methods will answer your question regarding “How To Improve Breast Size at Home“. However, these methods do not result to bigger breasts overnight. Just like natural weight loss, slow but sure natural results will take place in a few days or months but you are assured that they will be satisfying. Maximum results can be seen with continuous efforts.

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